I'm a landscape photography and editor of the landscape photography magazine, On Landscape. I use a mix of film and digital cameras but mostly film in small, medium, large and stupid sized formats. Landscape photography is my passion and a discipline that has left me a wiser and more tolerant person and has introduced me to some incredible people.

Images will soon be available for sale directly through the website. In the interim please contact us by phone or email. Alternatively, check the News page or the blog for updates

Latest Blog Posts

1 January 2013

Twelve Significant Photos

Now this is always a difficult one and I’ve spent a good while trying to work out which images represent something about me rather than just about the things I have found or the light that I saw them in. This is a little strange as they aren’t always necessarily my ‘best’... more
1 January 2013

A 2012 Round Up

So I haven’t blogged much in 2012 but I’ve been busy on a little side project so hopefully you’ll forgive me. I have however been out photographing on the odd accasion. Not so much in the first half of the year where I only really went out making a short film with Joe Cornish... more
13 October 2012

“On Landscape” – A New Photography Magazine

What the hell I’ve been doing for the last couple of months!!! Well I can finally tell everyone what it is I’ve been doing for the last few months. In short, Joe Cornish and I have set up a company that is creating a Britain oriented, online landscape photography magazine. In long,... more


"We wanted to portray a professional image to our customers and so we acquired art by Joe Cornish, Graham Ibbeson, Ashley Jackson and Tim Parkin to enhance our restaurant and reception areas." - Three Albion Place, Leeds