20 August 2012

Why all the Digital Bashing?

I had a few people yesterday asking me why would anyone want to make digital look like Velvia. Well perhaps people don’t want digital to look like Velvia but they do want to be able to have a digital camera that provides the tonal separation of Velvia in order to have a <strong>different</strong> starting point for their photographic interpretations.

I also got asked by one person ‘why all the digital bashing?’. I thought it would be good to point out why I post these articles – I own seven digital cameras and about eight or nine film cameras and use them for different things. I try to use the right camera for the right job. Obviously this involves knowing what the different cameras are good for. However, although everyone seems to know what digital is good at and over the last decade their have been many, many articles in magazines and online about how digital is better than film there are a hell of a lot less posts about what the current failings of digital cameras versus film are. Hence why if you read this blog out of context you’ll probably coming away with the impression that I think digital is useless.

Far from the case and nearly every trip I go on I take more digital photographs than film ones. If I can however, I do prefer to capture my images on film because of the quality/type of colour it provides – that’s a personal preference and one that has come from spending time comparing the two platforms. My goal is to share and quantify some of that research to inform other people who may be interested.



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