3 January 2010

My Virtual Landscape Photography Bookshelf

I’m a book addict. I can’t help it, I know I should resist it but whenever I see a photography book that looks halfway decent I have an overwhelming urge to own it. I suppose it’s because, in my opinion, photo books are the most effective way of disseminating photography and the pleasure to be had from sitting down and browsing a good photobook is unique. Viewing photographs in a gallery is obviously better in some ways, but I find it difficult to absorb pictures when viewed over a short period of time. I like to absorb my favourite pictures; sit down with them again and again; view them as my tastes change. As much as Joe Cornish’s gallery is an excellent visit (and highly recommended) it still only has a set amount of pictures. If you own First Light, Scotland’s Coast and Scotland’s Mountains then you have nearly 300 of Joe’s best pictures and can ‘dip’ into them at any time you want. As for photographers like Christopher Burkett, Jack Dykinga, Paul Wakefield, etc. We stand little chance of seeing his ‘original’ pictures and the only way we can absorb them is through their books. As such, my bookshelves are the best gallery in the world and I spend an awful lot of time in there.

So my book reviews are a chance for me to share the location of these galleries for your pleasure. However, I can only review so many books at a time and I thought you might be interested in seeing what is on my shelves. The following link is to my ‘virtual bookshelf’ at Shelfari. I use it so that I don’t end up buying the same book twice (when you are buying from second hand websites, different editions can sometimes even have second names) and also to remind myself who I’ve lent books to. As the days of 2010 go on, I’ll try to include reviews of many of these books. In the meantime, anything with four or five stars is very recommended reading.

My Landscape Photography Bookshelf

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