7 January 2010

Content Aware Fill

Just a quick update today. I spotted an update about the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 that may be coming out this year and they’ve look like they may have something for both we general landscape photographers and also film photographers in particular. The last release of PS had a feature called ‘content aware scale’ which allowed you to expand or contract areas of a picture whilst keeping detail in proportion (it worked out the areas of the picture that could be removed without distorting the picture). At the time I looked at the SIGGRAPH papers to see what the technology was behind it and was interested to see an application where they could ‘fill’ a patch of a picture with areas around it, a turbo charged spot heal brush! It looks like Adobe have been playing with this and added a few new features because we may finally have the tool that will make spotting transparencies and negatives a joy instead of a pain. Also, for those whose morals don’t stretch far enough to restrain them from a bit of sleight of hand, the content aware fill and ‘patch match’ will allow you to easily remove large areas of a picture (an annoying alligator perhaps? or an incredibly irritating ibex?). Have a look at the video below and prepare your wallet (It only seems like last week I bought CS4!)

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